Caring For Yourself and Child

Recent scientific studies show that stress during pregnancy can have many negative effects on the health of both mother and developing child.

This has inspired Dr. Wagner to offer a brand-new

“Mom to be” well-being Package

which helps to combat the stresses of everyday life and assist in creating the most nurturing environment for your new baby.

Tip to Toe Lymph Drainage, with full Body, Feet, Hands & Facial Massage

Using purely natural products

The package is partnered with products from renowned Swiss company Weleda, whose pregnancy line offers high-quality skin care for all pregnant women.

These are purely natural products protect the skin from drying out & help prevent or reduce the likelihood of stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts when massaged regularly.

All this helps to support a Happier, Healthier Mom to Be.

We regret that due to Staff Absence,
The “Mom To Be Massage” is currently not available for booking.
Thank you for your understanding.