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With over a decade of experience in the forefront of Gynaecological Medicine, Obstetrics & Aesthetic Operative therapies (Gynaesthetik),
Dr. Wagner has helped to pioneer many world-recognised techniques which have been developed to help with often disregarded or unexplored conditions.
An entire wellbeing approach to feminine medicine ensures that all your concerns are understood and met with the most empathetic and focused treatment.
Dr. Wagner's goal is to allow you to be your best self through all ages.

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Dr Anna Margareta Wagner
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“Dear Patients,

With the current coronavirus situation your safety is our primary concern.

As there are more contagious variants of Covid-19 in circulation we regret that only clients and patients are allowed into the premises. Husbands, Relatives and Friends must stay outside the building for the entire duration of your appointment.
The practice is still open and we will remain open while it is deemed safe to do so by the latest government medical advice.

We have ample stock of all necessary supplies to provide safe & effective care. We have also implemented much stricter Covid-19 hygiene procedures and continue to actively screen our staff to provide the very best healthcare we can during the outbreak.
The current government guidelines are if you have symptoms of a cold or flu, you should stay home at all times.

Face masks are mandatory during your arrival & consultation in the practice.
Please bring your own surgical or FFP2 mask as handmade masks are no longer considered safe. Make sure the mask is sized properly & fits well, covering your nose and mouth. Once you are wearing, try to avoid touching your mask with hands. If you do not have one, masks are available for purchase in practice at cost price.

Please keep updated on the latest government advice and stay safe & healthy.

We are sorry of any inconvenience caused, the wellbeing of all our patients and staff is, as always our first priority.

Very best wishes”
Dr. Anna M. Wagner