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Women who suffer from urinary incontinence may have a higher risk of genital lichen sclerosus. This is indicated by study results from England. Lisa Kirby from the University of Nottingham investigated whether there is a connection between incontinence and lichen...
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There are numerous horror stories of women choosing to get labiaplasty without proper analysis, good surgical backup, or even choosing to do so purely based on price. Dr. Wagner often see's these women after the fact, coming for help restoring...
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A new progesterone-only pill will be offered in the form of Slinda (initially only available in Germany) with the active ingredient drospirenone. This is suitable if a combined pill with oestrogens is not possible due to an increased risk of...
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Laser hair removal for people with dark skin (phototype IV-VI) or sun-tanned skin was not possible until now. However, this can now be done safely and effectively on all people thanks to the latest technologies. The Nd:YAG laser in particular...
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Non-hormonal contraception with a new coil called the Ballerine IUB or intrauterine ball from OCON medical... The Ballerine IUB (intrauterine ball) was developed by OCON Medical and launched in Austria in 2014. Much of Europe has had the IUB as...
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