What is Labia Majora Rejuvenation?

Labia Majora Rejuvenation is a way of returning firmness and elasticity to the Labia Majora using minimally invasive therapies. Either by using energy delivered by laser to stimulate cell formation and restore firmness of the labia, Hyaluronic Injections or Autologous Fat Transfer to improve volume, comfort and appearance.

How long does the procedure take?

Most therapies take 30 - 60 minutes per session. With Laser therapy a group of 3 or 4 sessions is normally required to gain the maximum benefit.

What are the expected outcomes?

Smoothing of the skin, tightening of the labia and increased elasticity are all amongst the favoured outcomes. During your consultation the exact outcomes to expect for your case will be discussed in depth.

What is the recovery time?

With these therapies the overall recovery time will be discussed on an individual basis, but with all cases, you will be able to return home comfortably after your therapy session has concluded.

Is it painful?

As the procedure is minimally invasive the treatment is virtually painless. We also use anaesthetic numbing cream to increase your comfort. If you have further questions, Dr. Wagner will be very happy to answer them and help to put your mind at ease.

Treatment is conducted in our private medical practice.

Labia Majora Rejuvenation Methods

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Labia Rejuvenation Costs

Health insurance generally does not contribute to the costs of Labia Rejuvenation.

Our practice team will be happy to advise you of all predicted costs before any treatment commences.

If you are worried about your health or feel you are suffering from any of the issues raised on this page,
we recommend booking a private consultation to discuss and explore the treatment options that are open to you.

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