What is a labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure to either reshape or reduce in size the small inner lips on either side of the vaginal opening (the labia minora).
It is relatively short procedure (between 60 and 90 minutes) that can be carried out under a combination of local anaesthetic and mild sedation at our fully equipped practice directly under the specialist care of Dr. Wagner.

You will be able to return home after the procedure and it has a full recovery time of about 6 weeks.

Common Reasons For Surgery

  • Chronic Discomfort;
    Patients who suffer from chronic pain & pain during exercise.
  • Health Concerns;
    Patients who experience sores due to chafing on the exposed labia minora.
  • Consequences of Childbirth;
    Patients with labia that have lengthened & may have torn during childbirth.
  • Aesthetic Concerns;
    Patients experiencing a significant amount of psychological distress.
  • Sexual Intimacy Issues;
    Patients who encounter pain during Intercourse due to enlarged labia.
  • Vulvar Melanoma; Conducted as part of ongoing treatment.
  • Congenital Issues; Helping with issues such as vaginal atresia.

What results are possible?

Labia Minora - Before & After

Labia Reduction Results

The labia are trimmed surgically to provide the desired symmetry and size. This can benefit many different complaints, the exact outcomes will be discussed in your consultation as each surgery is highly individual.

What complication risks are there?

All medical interventions carry risks. With Labiaplasty, Bleeding, Infection and Scarring are possible complications.
Dr. Wagner is both very experienced and takes great care to minimise these risks to you. The highest level of care is always our priority.

All procedures are performed in-house at our specialist practice.

The 5 Steps of Labiaplasty Care

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  • Die 5 Schritte der Schamlippenkorrektur - 1 - Erstberatung
  • Die 5 Schritte der Schamlippenkorrektur - 2 - Chirurgische Beratung
  • Die 5 Schritte der Schamlippenkorrektur - 3 - Das Labiaplastie-Verfahren
  • Die 5 Schritte der Schamlippenkorrektur - 4 - Erste Erholung
  • Die 5 Schritte der Schamlippenkorrektur - 5

Labia Reduction Cost

Health insurance generally does not contribute to the costs of Labiaplasty except in certain medically indicated situations.

Our practice team will be happy to advise you of all predicted costs before any treatment commences.
If you are worried about your health or feel you are suffering from any of the issues raised on this page, we recommend booking a private consultation to discuss and explore the treatment options that are open to you.

Fill out the form & we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

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